May 30, 2023


CANTON – One woman is in critical condition following a house fire in Canton on Monday night. Sherry Wright was taken to Memorial Medical Center in Springfield after being rescued from a fire in her home around midnight.

“She was found in the far back bedroom. Both the dog and her were found in the same area,” said Assistant Fire Chief Scott Roos.

Firefighters rescued two victims from a Monday night house fire in Canton- Sherry Wright and her dog Sammy.

“Each one of us relies on the other to do their job. If one person doesn’t do their job, the whole outcome can be drastically different. In our case last night, it went off as good as we can do,” said Captain Roos.

A team of four firefighters put out the flames in the front room. Then Lieutenant Clark Evans helped carry Wright and Sammy out of the house where they were resuscitated by two other firemen.

“We use the same thing. A mask over the dog’s snout. And I wish you could have seen the guys doing it last night. I told them they should have been veterinarians, because they were so gentle,” said Lieutenant Evans.

They say previous practice with the equipment was key to the successful rescue.

“We start off with a ten-minute drill in the morning. Basically that is getting familiar with a piece of equipment may not use all the time,” said Lieutenant Evans

Thankfully Sammy is OK

“She loved her dog. They was, they are real tight together. He is just Sherry’s dog,” said long-time family friend Michael Reith.

But her owner remains hospitalized.

“She just always makes you feel like you are somebody special. I’ve known her all my life. She would do anything for you,” continued Reith.

Now Sammy must wait and hope that her friend of eight years pulls through.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated. Wright’s husband, Randy, was not at the house during the fire.

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