Firefighter Rescues

Join over 1,000 other Firefighters getting FREE email notification of Rescues being made daily.

3,000 Americans Die by F I R E each year. We must have the COURAGE to be INSIDE!

Link Below is the TRUTH about what we should be doing. We’re not sorry if it offends you. If it does, FIND ANOTHER JOB!!

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Ground Ladders S A V E Lives, both Civilian & Firefighter L I V E S…..

4 thoughts on “Firefighter Rescues

  1. Great to see this in the process of being started. A much needed forum to celebrate the blood, sweat and hard work of legends.

  2. In NYC, each member assigned to a truck(Ladder Co.) is given an assignment at the start of each tour. One fire fighter(FF) is assigned Outside ventilation duties, another member is assigned as the Roofman. Other assignments include Ladder Company chauffeur, forcible entry F/F and finally The can man. The Can man carries a 6ft hook and a water can extinguisher 2 1/2 gallons. The officer on duty is in charge of these 5 fire fighters and they all have different assignments. How many other departments operate like this?

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