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Ground Ladders S A V E Lives, both Civilian & Firefighter L I V E S…..

Escambia County Fire Grab!

Escambia Ladder 12 made successful GRAB Thursday January 28th via rear window VES. They came off breathing air. All Escambia Fire 🔥 Companies performed Awesome 😎. They all assisted. Zero Reports or signs of anyone trapped. No Cars in the driveway and no reports of entrapment. Basically appeared no one home. ALWAYS SEARCH!!!

BOOSTER BACK-Up. 4th Due Back Stretched to the hydrant. People before Water 💦

Engine 16 arrived 1st with Battalion 2 shortly after assuming Command. Video is Ladder 12 arriving with Engine 16 doing Rapid Fire Attack. Ladder 12 provides booster backup & search of side c.