September 26, 2023

Chief Brian Brush, FDIC 2023 Keynote, An Unquenchable Faith, It’s Not Pressure It’s Power


An Unquenchable Faith, It's Not Pressure, It's Power, It's Belief, It's Hope, It's Trust

In a time when society is experiencing division, a workforce is seeing great resignation, and most are suffering an attention recession, we must be very clear, not here, not us. An unquenchable fire cannot be extinguished, and an unquenchable thirst cannot be satisfied. It is and always has been our unquenchable faith in mission and each other that builds such trust and belief inside and outside of our profession. Engaging, empowering, and challenging the mission driven among us is critical to our survival in service to our communities and one another. 

Memorable Quotes from Chief Brian Brush Presentation.

  • “It’s not about what’s on this stage; it’s about what’s in this room.”
  • “Let this serve as a reminder – the world knows us as one.”
  • “Faith: It is belief. It is trust. It is hope.”
  • “Take a second to think about those who believe in you …. Their faith is not pressure, it’s power.”
  • “Our problem was once material; it is now existential.”
  • “Our key metric should be lives saved.”
  • “It’s time to use our data-driven mindset of recent years to highlight the ultimate fire service mission – lives saved.”

Who is Chief Brian Brush?

Brian Brush is a 26-year veteran of the fire service. The breadth of his experience spans from rural volunteer to metro-sized departments. He is the training chief for the Midwest City (OK) Fire Department. He is a member of the FDIC advisory board, an FDIC HOT and classroom instructor for more than 10 years, and a contributing Fire Engineering author. He has a masters degree from Oklahoma State University School of Fire Protection and Emergency Management and is a graduate of the Executive Fire Officer Program.  


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