FDIC 2019 “Water For The Rescue”

FDIC 2019
Wednesday April 10, 2019 3:30 PM
Engine Company Operations
“Water For The Rescue”

Maintaining and Creating Survivable Space through proper hose-line selection, placement, staffing, and final delivery of the water to the right location in the shortest amount of time. This is about Aggressive Water Delivery that places the Trapped Civilian FIRST and still places property as a priority. Inside Water Application, Exterior Water Application, and a Combination of both simultaneously for the best overall extinguishment to Save Lives and Reduce Property loss.

I will also be apart of the NEW HOT PROGRAM


Florissant With a VES Rescue

This fire happened right behind our house three at shift change. They believe the fire started in the garage and ran through the house. The daughter is a care giver to her elderly and disabled mother who appears to have tried to put out the fire prior to calling 911. The fire advanced from the garage into the house and the daughter ran outside to the window you see in the video. She attempted to get in the window and was stuck and cut and suffering from smoke inhalation from the room when firefighters arrived. She was rescued and then firefighters entered the window and rescued the elderly woman in the floor with moderate smoke conditions in the bedroom—the door was closed—both were transported with smoke inhalation. Our ambulances are outfitted with full PPE, SCBA, radios, water can, TIC, 6’ New York Hook, halligan and pig tools and are trained and expected to do this type of rescue and to work with the engine company. Today, the training and equipment paid off. The crews did a fantastic job, as you can see in the vidoe. 

Jason Hoevelmann 
Battalion Chief, Florissant Valley Fire Protection District