High Rise Operations Conference 2017

High Rise Operations Conference 2017
Pensacola Beach, Florida
December 12-14, 2017
Proven HR Tactics will be covered in Lecture & Hands-On. Attendees will get to hook up and go up in an occupied Hilton Hotel. YES!! We FLOW WATER off the 17th Floor via the 16th FLOOR Standpipe connection. Don’t miss the only annual HR Tactics Conference in the World.



Rescues in PA

On July 3rd, Colonial Park Fire Company and mutual aid units were sent to Stone Bridge Apartments on North Arlington Ave for a report of smoke from a door. Crews arrived with a terrace level apartment fire and black smoke floor to ceiling inside the Charlie sliding porch door. A single line was stretched to the Charlie door, forced and pushed inside to a kitchen fire that had all but snuffed itself out in a sealed up apartment. While extinguishing what was left of the kitchen fire, crews searched off the line and found a victim in the hallway. The victim was removed to the Charlie side of the building and the same crew proceeded to continue searching. A second victim was located in the bedroom and also removed. Secondaries were completed with no other victims found. The fire was held to the apartment of origin. Both patients were removed in arrest. One was revived on scene and is still hospitalized. The other unfortunately was pronounced dead at the hospital. Crews from Colonial Park, Paxtonia, Linglestown, Progress, South Central EMS, and Lifeteam EMS all assisted in the successful outcome.

The same crews handled another fatal fire two days earlier.

1 dead, 1 injured in Lower Paxton apartment fire