December 4, 2023

Jul 9, 2013 10:41am

Toledo Fire & Rescue Dept.

“At 1849 hrs. (6:50 p.m.), a structure fire was reported at 3220 LaGrange. This call also came with the added information of a person trapped on the second floor of the residence. When the officer from Engine17 arrived with his crew, they were met with a very challenging scene: extreme smoke conditions obscuring visibility, and heavy fire conditions on the first floor. Truck 17 was order to perform “Vent, Enter, Search” (V.E.S.), going above the fire without the protection of a hand line to search for trapped victims. The heavy fire exiting from some of the windows dictated the direction of entry for the crews. While Engine 17 attacked the fire on the first floor, the crew from Engine 7 worked their way to the second floor to begin a search for the trapped victim.  The victim was brought outside, unconscious and placed into the care of Toledo Fire & Rescue paramedics on Life Squad 1, and transported to St. Vincent’s Hospital” – Toledo Fire Rescue

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