November 30, 2023

Firefighters Rescue 2 From New Haven Ct. Blaze



Firefighters rescued two women early Saturday morning as flames gutted the three-story house where they rented apartments. Firefighters rushed over to find “the whole front of the house burning,” said Fire Chief Michael Grant. “It was extending up the internal stairwell. It was cutting off the means of egress for the persons on the second and third floor.”

One woman stood trapped at a second-floor window. Another woman stood trapped on the rear third-floor porch.

Firefighters raised their ladders, climbed up and brought the women down to safety.

Three first-floor tenants got out on their own.


Brothers & sisters never neglect good solid ground ladder training, it pays off!

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  1. Ground Ladders have been a huge help in a large number of documented Rescues this summer. Take this as a motivation to confirm you and your company are ready for a GL Rescue. When is the last time you raised a 35′ GL or even a 28′ GL? Are the Halyards ready for the significant load that will be placed on them when you shock load them as you prepare for the raise of a Lifetime. How often does your company take all GL off the rig and wash them? Do you train on FULL EXTENSION and splicing? Detroit has made some phenomenal rescues by splicing.

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