Rescues in Austin, Tx

resq1 resq2

Early Tuesday morning firefighters were called out to a house fire at 4521 Sidereal Drive in Northwest Austin. They arrived just after two to find flames coming from the back of the house. A woman in her 40s was rescued and taken to UMC Brackenridge in critical condition. Later in the morning she had to be flown to San Antonio for further treatment. The extent of those injuries is still unknown. “Smoke is what is the killer in most fires. That’s why smoke alarms are so important. Much quicker than the fires going get to you the smokes going get to you,” said Palmer Buck, Austin Fire Department. Throughout the morning firefighters searched for a man and a child who are also linked to the home. They were eventually found around 4:52 a.m. The cause of this house fire is under investigation.

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