September 22, 2023

Hamilton Canada fire crews performed a high angle rope rescue


Hamilton fire crews performed a high angle rope rescue after a distraught man climbed a construction crane at the old Ivor Wynne stadium site.

Public information officer Claudio Mostacci said firefighters received a call from police at 11:11 p.m. Sunday requesting assistance.

“We arrived on scene, a man was about 50 feet off of the ground, climbing up a crane — he proceeded up to 160 feet,” Mostacci said.

Fire crews initially were going to use an aerial truck, but because the 28-year-old man kept climbing, they performed a rope rescue instead.

“The police negotiated and talked with the individual, and two of our firefighters went up, packaged him up and lowered him to safety,” said Mostacci.

By Stacey Escott -The Hamilton Spectator

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