Hamilton Rope Rescue


Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Emergency crews spent about two hours rescuing a cyclist who plunged nearly 20 metres from the escarpment near the Ancaster Mill restaurant.

The 20-year-old woman went over the edge Wednesday morning near Canterbury Falls. It’s not known why she plunged down the embankment, but there are no curbs or barriers in the stretch of Old Dundas Road where she was biking, and the embankment is just a step or two from the road in some spots.

Dozens of firefighters performed a high-angle rope rescue beginning shortly after noon. Emergency crews including two ambulances and seven fire trucks were involved.

The woman was airlifted by Ornge air ambulance to hospital about 2 p.m. It landed to pick her up in the parking lot of the nearby Mount Mary Christian Retreat Centre on Wilson Street.

EMS manager Carmen D’Angelo said the woman had serious injuries and was being treated for trauma at Hamilton General Hospital.

Old Dundas Road was closed to traffic at the restaurant during the rescue.

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