May 30, 2023

MILTON (CBS) – Milton fire officials say the two men they rescued from a burning home are “doing okay.”

Neighbors say they heard a popping sound on Wednesday.

That’s what made Henry Webster step out of his Eliot Street home across the street.

“The flames engulfing the second floor, you know totally engulfing, and we heard one of the people in the building holler out from one of the windows he was trapped,” he said.

Webster called 9-1-1.

By the time firefighters arrived, that man had one leg hanging out of the window and was preparing to jump. They carried him down a ladder to safety. But there was more work inside.

“During the course of the operation in the search, they found another gentleman on the second floor,” said Milton Fire Chief Jack Grant.

Grant said firefighters carried an elderly man out of his bedroom. Both men are recovering in local hospitals.

Firefighters also rescued two pet Chihuahuas from the home, and the American Red Cross is helping seven displaced residents.

Neighbors say they heard loud arguing at the home before the fire, saying police have been called to settle disputes there many times. Investigators say there is nothing immediately suspicious about the fire. They have not yet pinpointed a cause.

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