September 22, 2023


FLATWOODS, Ky. (WSAZ) — Firefighters say two people had to be rescued after a fire broke out in an apartment complex in Flatwoods, Ky. early Friday morning.

The fire was contained to one building at the Brentwood Apartments. It was reported about 2 a.m.

Investigators say a woman cooking french fries in a second floor apartment started a grease fire that spread, and forced the evacuation of the 8 unit building. At least a dozen people lived in the building.

The building has significant fire damage.

One of the people rescued lived in a second floor apartment.

Todd Barker told he was asleep when he heard a commotion. Barker says at first he thought it was someone trying to break into his apartment.

He says when he went into the living room, the front door burst into flames and the apartment started filling up with smoke.

Barker says he then ran to a back room and saw a police officer shining a light up to his window.

The officer told him to hit the window and knock out a screen.

Firefighters then put up a ladder to that second floor window and helped him get out.

A woman in a first floor apartment also needed help from firefighters in getting out. We’re told she had health issues and was in a wheelchair.

There are no reported injuries.

The Red Cross was called to assist residents.

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