May 30, 2023


TULSA, Oklahoma –

Tulsa firefighters rescued a man from a burning house in the 4000 block of East Woodrow Place Sunday morning.

Fire crews were called to the home just before 7 a.m., according to District Chief Bryan Hickerson, Tulsa Fire Department.

“We arrived on the scene to basically a bedroom fully involved,” Hickerson said. Crews quickly got the fire out and rescued the adult male who was near an exit.

“It does appear that he’s been smoked up pretty good,” Hickerson said. “He was in the house where it got very hot. He’s in the hospital, and they’re taking care of him now.”

Neighbors told firefighters two children also live in the home; however, they were not there Sunday morning.

Two neighbors tried to use a water hose to get the fire out before crews arrived.

“I just heard the commotion, heard the noise and woke up,” said neighbor David Jerrell. “And when I ran down there the woman next door – she was trying to put the fire out.

“I tried to spray the house down, but the inferno was too hot,” said Jerrell said.

Medics bandaged the injured man before taking him to the hospital, the neighbor told News On 6.

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