November 28, 2023


JENKS, Oklahoma –

A Jenks city worker will be all right after he fell down a 10-foot hole and had to be rescued.

City leaders say the man was following protocol and the weather was partially to blame.

It was a busy morning for EMSA and Jenks Fire and Rescue, after a city worker fell 10 feet in a sewage lift station. News On 6 cameras caught the moment a crane was lifting the injured man out.

The City’s Public Works Department tell us it inspects these stations every day. One man will go down in the pipe, while the other two watch from above.

It all started at 7:30 Thursday morning, when the city tells us the inspector was climbing down the 30-foot ladder.

Twenty feet down, he slipped, and fell the rest of the way.

“Things can happen. It’s been raining here, his gloves were wet, his feet were wet, climbing down a vertical ladder, and his foot slipped,” said Jenks Public Works Superintendent Gary Head.

Head was the first on scene, climbed down the hole and stayed with the injured man until crews arrived.

“I went down in there with him. He was very alert, talking, he just said his foot hurt,” Head said.

We’re told the injury was to his leg or foot.

Jenks Public Works tells us this is the first time something like this has happened.

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