May 30, 2023

Man Rescued from Roof in Kent, Wash



Kent, Wash. Kent Fire Department RFA firefighters used their aerial ladder truck and a “stoke’s” basket to remove a construction worker who had been injured while working on the roof of Kent’s newest apartment complex today at 11:30 am.

The worker, who suffered an undisclosed but non-life threatening injury, was working on the roof of the five story building under construction at the intersection of W. Smith Street and 4th Avenue North. Because of limited access to the roof from the stairwell, the decision was made to utilize the ladder truck to get the patient down.

Although the ladder truck can extend to over 100 feet, it was barely able to reach the roof of the apartment complex, which is approximately 60 feet above ground. This was due to the distance the ladder truck had to park from the building and the angle of the ladder when extended.

Fortunately, there was sufficient distance to safely get the adult male off the roof. The patient was transported by ambulance to a local hospital.

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