September 22, 2023



The mother of a 7-year-old rescued from a well says her daughter’s injuries are worse than previously thought. The mother had been updating her friends and family on social media through the night Monday.

In addition to broken bones she says her little girl has some bleeding on the brain.

Megan Winters is recovering from a life-threatening fall down her family’s well.

Megan’s mother posted on Facebook that her daughter’s arm is broken and that her leg was broken in three places as well. Later in the evening, she asked for prayers when it was revealed that her daughter had bleeding and a bruise on her brain.

“Her face was down and one leg was up to the left and the other was up under her,” said Carroll County firefighter Lt. Clay Kierbow.

Megan fell headfirst down a well that firefighters say is around 40-50 feet deep. She broke several bones in her face and broke her hip.

From News Chopper 2, a number of rescue personnel could be seen working to get her to safety.

“She was conscious and alert able to talk. What we had to do was set up a rope system. We sent a firefighter down,” Kierbow said.

Kierbow was the smallest firefighter on the scene and the one who went in to save Megan.

An hour and 10 minutes after rigging a pulley system, firefighters were able to pull her to the surface.

“I was able to get the right foot down right beside her and finally get webbing around her, tied it off to a rope. The ones up top pulled her up,” Kierbow said.

Megan is now safe at Atlanta Children’s Hospital at Egleston, where friends and family will be praying for her recovery.

As if that wasn’t enough, Megan’s grandmother also had to be admitted to the hospital due to all of the stress from this accident

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