Rope Rescue in Hamilton, Ontario


Hamilton firefighters used ropes and a basket to rescue an injured woman who plunged about nine metres at Felker’s Falls in Stoney Creek.

When the crews arrived Thursday, “they found they weren’t able to go down and carry the person out. They needed rope rescue,” said fire spokesperson Claudio Mostacci.

The department responded to the call just after 1:30 p.m. and had pulled the woman up by 3 p.m.

Firefighters set up the rope rescue from the edge of the frozen falls, lowered a basket and secured the woman, Mostacci said.

Mostacci said she was walking along a trail when she fell about nine metres, winding up about 30 metres from the top of the falls.

He said the woman was taken to hospital but he couldn’t comment on the extent of her injuries.

Firefighters close to the falls’ edge had to be tethered to prevent them from slipping and falling over.

“It’s an intricate procedure on dry land during the summer when people go over, and in the winter it just adds to it because of the slipperiness.”

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