May 30, 2023

2 Rescued from House Fire in Fort Worth


FORT WORTH — Fort Worth firefighters pulled a woman and her child from a burning house Thursday night. Both suffered serious injuries, as did a man who escaped on his own.

It was 6:57 p.m. when the 911 call came in, and when Freddy Perez heard a pop across the street.

“I came outside and it was maybe five seconds and the house was just up in fire,” Perez said. He lives across the street from 905 W. Bolt Street, which was engulfed in flames.

Firefighters reported heavy smoke and fire when they arrived. Perez saw the man who lives in the home outside, burned and in pain.

“I think he was probably in shock,” Perez said.

That man told firefighters his wife and child were still inside.

He pointed firefighters to the back of the burning home, where firefighters rushed in and found the mother and child, believed to be a boy around six years old.

“They immediately started medical procedures on them,” said Fort Worth Fire Captain Tom Crow.

Perez watched it all. “They were trying to resuscitate them,” he said.

The mother was rushed to JPS Hospital and the father was eventually taken to Parkland Hospital in Dallas for treatment of his burns.

It was another cold night of a bitterly cold winter, so firefighters were dealing with difficult conditions. “But with the adrenaline flowing, and when you’ve got a rescue with people inside, they make quick action,” Crow said. “They get in there quick.”

The fire was under control 20 minutes after it was called in, but the damage to the home was extensive.

Perez said he didn’t know the family well, but he was praying for their recovery.

“I hope everything is OK,” he said. “I’m sure God is protecting them. They seem like good people. They were a family.”

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