May 30, 2023


SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A woman who fell along a rocky bluff below the Cliff House restaurant in San Francisco had to be rescued by firefighters using climbing gear Wednesday morning.

The woman apparently fell 20 to 30 feet and was injured on the north end of Ocean Beach in San Francisco with high waves crashing around her.

A man who first saw the woman yelled out to her and she said she had hurt her foot and was unable to move.  “Walking around looking at the waves, I was walking past here and heard some screams for help,” he said.  He had some restaurant workers call 911.

San Francisco firefighters arrived and used ropes and a long ladder to reach the woman. The woman was loaded onto a basket-type stretcher and pulled off the cliff.  “It looked like she slipped.  We’re not sure how far down,” said San Francisco Fire Department Battalion Chief Denise Newman.  ”We do know that she has a fractured ankle.”

The woman was wearing Ugg-style boots and park officials said she was in a closed area of the cliff face.

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