September 22, 2023

3-20-2014 Just before 05:00 Box 4 was dispatched for a structure fire with confirmed entrapment in the 1800 block of Market St. Chief 1 (Enterline) struck the 1st alarm before the units even hit the street after hearing HPD units arriving with fire showing and people trapped on the 2nd floor. Tower Co.1 arrived and laddered the porch roof as the Squad Co. advanced a line knocking down fire involving the porch and 1st floor front room. Tower 1 Truckmen,Justin Zimmerman and Emanuel “E-Man” Stoute found the victim on the 2nd floor,front bedroom while conducting V.E.S. Squad Lt. Jason “J-Lo” Lloyd heard the Tower crew in the bedroom while he was searching and came to their assitance.The victim was then removed out through a bedroom window and down ground ladders to waiting EMS.The victim was rescued under very heavy smoke conditions.The “B” Platoon working with Chauffeur Peskie,Pipeman Skinner and Lt.Lloyd.

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