May 30, 2023


FLINT, MI — Flint firefighters rescued two children late Wednesday night, March 19.

The girls – ages 5 and 10 – were trapped in a second floor apartment at Grand View Manor, 2310 Robert T. Longway Blvd., in Flint while a fire broke out on the first floor just before 11 p.m.

Flint Station One firefighters Brad Ortwine and Alex Dunn busted a second-floor window out to save two girls, said Battalion Chief Ray Barton.

“When they got the first child out, they handed her down to me,” Barton said. “That was the 10-year-old, and she was alert and hollering about her sister. The second one, the five-year-old, she was not alert and she had a lot of soot around her nose and mouth. She had taken in a lot of smoke, so we were worried about her.”

The girls were transported to Hurley Medical Center, where paramedics reported they were alert and talking.

Residents of the apartments stood outside police tape, thanking the firefighters for their heroism.

“We appreciate it, but any one of us would have done it,” Ortwine said as he walked with Dunn to meet back up with their crew.

All three Flint Fire stations working Wednesday night responded: Stations one, five and six. Flint Fire Marshall and Arson were on scene investigating the cause of the blaze, which was not determined

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