Fountain Co. rescue

People woke up to screams for help in Fountain Wednesday morning. A fire and heavy smoke trapped three people inside of an apartment complex.

They were rescued by Fountain firefighters and treated for smoke inhalation. It all started because of a heating pad.

“I kept hearing ‘help me, help me.’ I said, somebody is screaming for help so I came in here got the phone, called the police department,” said Shirley Archuleta, who was saved from the fire.

“The whole thing was in flames. It was pretty crazy,” said Alanea Vandivner, a neighbor who rushed outside to help.

Three people were trapped inside Fountain View Apartments.

If the Fountain Fire Station wasn’t just around the corner, it could have ended much differently.

“We had firefighter start rescuing people and another crew go and start knocking the fire down. Had this been in a different location in the city where we don’t have fire stations, the outcome could have been much worse,” said Fountain Fire Chief, Darin Anstine.

During the rescue the ceiling collapsed on a fire fighter. He was quickly pulled out and is doing okay.

Video report here


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