Rescue in Nebraska


A North Platte resident sustained serious injuries in a house fire Tuesday morning.

According to North Platte Fire Department Battalion Chief, Trent Kleinow, firefighters were dispatched to the fire at 313 West D Street at around 10:32 a.m.

Kleinow said that, upon arrival, the house was completely filled with smoke.

Firefighters made entrance into the home, where they found a male victim.  Kleinow said the victim had no pulse and was not breathing when he was pulled from the residence at 10:36 a.m.

CPR was immediately initiated, and Kleinow said the victim was breathing and had a pulse when he was transported to Great Plains Regional Medical Center.  At last report, the victim remained in critical condition and had been flown by helicopter to a burn center in Lincoln.

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Rescue in Kansas City, Kansas


Firefighters battling a Kansas City, Kan., apartment fire Monday night rescued an unconscious 56-year-old woman from the burning building.

The first crew on the scene reported smoke and fire coming from the top floor.

During a search, firefighters found the woman in a rear bedroom. They pulled her out and rushed her to a hospital for treatment of smoke inhalation.

Firefighters also found a man outside the building complaining of injuries he suffered while evacuating. He was taken to a hospital for evaluation.

The fire was brought under control in 10 minutes and was confined to to the apartment unit where it started. It caused an estimated $5,500 in damages to the building and its contents.

The building has 11 apartments and 20 residents.

Water Rescue in Grand Rapids


GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Firefighters rescued a man Saturday who jumped into the Grand River from the Fulton Street bridge and floated downstream to an island south of the U.S. 131 bridge.

The man, who reportedly jumped in around 2 p.m., suffered what appeared to be minor or no injuries, according to dispatch reports.

Grand Rapids Fire Battalion Chief Bart Perry said the man appeared to be intoxicated when firefighters reached him.

However, he was talking with firefighters and even “bragged about doing a back flip off the Fulton Street bridge,” Perry said.

Firefighters launched boats from a ramp near the fish ladder to assist in the rescue.

Firefighters wrapped the man, who appeared to be in his mid-20s, in a blanket and transported him back to the ramp for treatment. He was taken to Spectrum Health Butterworth hospital to be checked for possible hypothermia.

Rescue in Chicago


Firefighters pulled 73-year-old Paul Fomby to safety through a second-story window at his burning home in the Roseland neighborhood.


Chicago Fire Department firefighters arrived around 9 a.m. Tuesday to the burning home in the 700-block of East 105th Street. The rest of the tenants in the two-flat were already out of the building, but Fomby was trapped in an upstairs front bedroom. Neighbors saw him waving his arms and calling for help.

“I ran across the street to get my mask ’cause I was going to go in there and get him myself,” said Christopher Kelly, a neighbor, “but the smoke was so thick I couldn’t get in there.”

Firefighters had to feel their way through thick smoke to locate Fomby, and determined carrying him out through the window was safer than taking him down the stairs.

“We’re protected from the heat but the civilian isn’t,” said Mike Rowan of CFD. “So you bring him into a 400-degree room and he certainly will die.”

Firefighters inside and outside the building coordinated the rescue effort, and Mark Cavaletti carried him down the ladder.

“They did all the hard work,” said Cavaletti. “They got him to the window and all I did was carry him down the ladder.”

Fomby’s son, Reginald, arrived at the hospital shortly after he was admitted. Fomby is currently in stable condition.

A pit bull who was also rescued from the fire is unharmed, as are her six puppies. The cause of the fire was determined to be electrical.



Water Rescues in El Paso


OKLAHOMA CITY —El Paso firefighters rescued three homeless people from a drainage canal Saturday when they were swept away due to heavy rain and hail.

Witnesses told firefighters there was a woman with them missing. A rescue team searched through the drainage canal to find a 50-year-old woman under nearly three feet of hail.

Her core body temperature was 75 degrees. The woman suffered from hypothermia and was treated on scene by paramedics.

As of 7 a.m. Monday, the woman is still in a local hospital and her condition is unknown.

Man Rescued in West Hartford


WEST HARTFORD — A 74-year-old man pulled from his burning Brainard Road home is recovering, fire officials said.

Eugene Filshtein was rescued from his Brainard Road home by West Hartford firefighters who responded after a police officer found smoke pouring from the house.

The fire’s cause was not determined, Assistant Fire Chief Richard Winn said. It appears to have started in the basement and did not involve the heating system, he said. A state police dog checked for accelerants and detected none, Winn said. The fire is considered accidental, he said.

The fire burned for an extended period until it was discovered, Winn said. A West Hartford police officer working nearby on Route 44 reported smelling smoke for an extended period of time and went looking for its source. He found it at 15 Brainard about noon and the Connecticut Light & Power Co. crew he was working with immediately disconnected power to the house, Winn said.Firefighters from station 4 in Bishops Corner were on the scene first and began checking for the source of the fire. They found Filshtein near the back door.


The fire had burned through the basement ceiling into the first floor, Winn said.

A German shepherd died in the fire.

Confined Space Rescue in Green Bay


Firefighters rescued a man from inside a large fuel storage tank Monday.

A worker at U.S. Oil Co. tank farm at 1075 Hurlbut Court collapsed in a gasoline storage tank, according to the Green Bay Metro Fire Department. He was transported to a local hospital, but his condition was not known Monday afternoon.

Green Bay Metro Fire Department crews were called to the tank farm just after 11 a.m. Their rescue was successful, although a floating floor inside the tank that moves up and down with the gasoline to prevent the build up of potentially explosive vapors created additional challenges.

“We had to sent personnel down into the tank and packaged him up in a Stokes basket, which is a rescue device, and then brought him up from the floating roof on to the roof of the tank,” Battalion Chief Rob Goplin said. “Then we brought him to one of our ladder trucks and brought him down to the ground and transported him.”

The department has firefighters trained in technical rescues, and a number of those people were involved in Monday’s rescue.

“We train for any rescue like this … where it’s beyond your normal call where you have to use ropes, perhaps pulleys, and it includes a confined space with a hazardous material,” Goplin said. “We train for all those scenarios and this one kind of put all of those hazards into one incident.”

He described this type of rescue as extremely unusual.

“This is a very rare type of incident,” said Goplin, who has been with the department for nearly 17 years. “In my time on the department we have not had an incident like this involving one of those tanks before.”

Firefighters had to wear respiratory protection because of conditions in the tank.

Man Rescued from Fire in Portland

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Firefighters rescued a man from a northeast Portland apartment Monday morning.

Portland Fire & Rescue crews were called out to the 6400 block of Northeast Simpson Street at 9:20 a.m.

Firefighters arrived to find an apartment fire that was extending to the attic space. Witnesses reported that several people may have been inside the home.

One man was located during a search of the building and brought out by firefighters. Paramedics at the scene treated him for smoke inhalation.

No other injuries to people or pets were reported.

Fire investigators listed the cause as, “smoker’s material improperly discarded in a garbage can.” The fire caused $11,000 in damage to the apartment complex.

Woman Rescued in Salinas, Ca

Elderly woman rescued from Salinas apartment fire

Firefighters say she was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation

SALINAS, Calif. –
Salinas Fire said a woman was rescued after an apartment caught fire Saturday night.

They said an elderly woman was still inside the apartment at the time and needed help getting out. She was taken to the hospital.

The fire is under investigation.

Boy Rescued from Escalator by the PGFD


A 6-year-old boy got his hand caught in an escalator Thursday night at a mall in Maryland.

It took over two hours for firefighters to free the distressed child from the moving staircase at the Iverson Mall in Temple Hills just outside Washington, said Officer Mark Brady of Prince George’s County Fire Department.

About 8:40 p.m., the boy’s finger somehow got wedged under the handrail at the bottom of an escalator heading down in the Burlington Coat Factory, The Washington Post reported.

The rescue crew needed to cut the escalator apart and remove pieces of a wall to reach the boy who was understandably panicked. With his mother’s permission, responders calmed the child down with pain medication.

He was removed just before 11 p.m. and taken to a nearby hospital. His injuries have not been disclosed.