May 30, 2023


LYNN — Firefighters rescued a man from a third-floor porch Saturday morning after a fire broke out in his Western Avenue apartment.

“The police on scene couldn’t get up the stairway because of the smoke, so Engine 3 took a hand line up there and we were able to push back the smoke into the apartment and knock down the fire,” Lynn District Fire Chief Arthur Richard said Sunday.

Firefighters responded at 10:32 a.m. Saturday to a report of a fire at 900 Western Ave.

According to fire investigator Lt. Joe Fannon, an accidental mattress fire started on the third floor of the three-family home. A male resident, who Richard said was approximately 65 years old, escaped to the porch of the triple-decker home where he became trapped.

Richard said rescuers raised a ladder from the ground and a ladder truck arrived and extended its ladder. But firefighters had, by that time, made their way up the stairs of the home. Richard said firefighters led the resident down through the stairway rather than risk taking him down via ladder.

“The safest way to take anybody down is a stairway,” Richard said. He reported that the resident had minor burns on his hands and was taken from the scene to Union Hospital for treatment.

Fannon said two adult residents from the third floor; two adults and two children from the second floor; and two adults and two children from the first floor were evacuated from the home. He classified it as a working fire, and fire trucks had left the site by 11:40 a.m.

Richard said the second-floor apartment was damaged by water used to douse the blaze and the Red Cross assisted the residents.

Cyrus Moulton contributed reporting to this story.

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