Marysville OH multiple saves

Marysville firefighters were prepared for apartment complex fire….

“When a couch caught fire early Sunday on the second floor of the complex, they were ready. The call came in at 1:07 a.m. from a resident, Phil Ragsdale, who has lived in the complex for about three years. Ragsdale said he heard smoke alarms and stuck his head outside to investigate. Thick, black smoke was pouring into the hallway.

Ragsdale called 911 and ran down the hall, pounding on doors and shouting “Fire! Fire!”

Not 20 minutes later, Ragsdale said, flames were shooting through the roof.

“The fire just spread like it was poured on gasoline,” he said.

There are 47 units in Windsor High Rise, and at 1 a.m. Sunday, when the complex caught fire, all but two were occupied. Many residents had made their way to the lobby, but some were stuck in their apartments.

“We had people hanging out their windows, and knocking on their windows to have us come help them,” Riley said.

Firefighters brought five people down on ladders. They took seven to the hospital, all with minor injuries related to smoke inhalation or chest pains. Riley said he thought that all had been released.”


Full story here

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