105 Year Old Woman Rescued from House Fire

TONGANOXIE, Kan. —Firefighters rescued a 105-year-old woman from a house fire early Tuesday morning.

Fire crews were called to the 100 block of E. Sixth Street about 5 a.m.

The woman’s nephew, Jackson Jarrett, lives nearby and told arriving firefighters that his aunt was unable to make it out.

“Thank God the fire department arrived,” he said. “They were able to pull the window open, I told her where she was, they got in there, got her out, got her on a stretcher, got her in the ambulance and of course she didn’t want to go at the time, she’s pretty strong.”

Firefighters said Ann Jarrett was taken to a hospital. Her injuries were not considered life-threatening. Family members said she could be released from the hospital on Wednesday, though her home sustained too much damage for her to go back there.

“(It) definitely turned out to be a whole lot better story than it could have been today, so I’m extremely grateful and feeling blessed,” Jackson Jarrett said.

He said the family is working on figuring out where Ann Jarrett will live once she leaves the hospital.

Investigators said the fire was electrical in nature and likely started because of an overloaded extension cord.

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