Canton Man Rescued from Tree


CANTON, Ohio – Firefighters used a ladder from an aerial truck on Thursday morning to rescue a man who was trapped in a pine tree behind a Canton home.

Mark Bagnoli, 59, was a trimming a tree for his parents on 38th Street NW when he was seriously injured and became stuck on a partial limb about 40 feet off the ground.

Captain Dan Reed, part of Technical Rescue Operations Team, said Bagnoli was hurt while trying to cut down a large chunk of the tree.

“All the tree limbs were cut off and he was trying to take the top off, probably approximately a 30 foot section of the tree base, and it came down and struck him,” Reed said.

Reed said Bagnoli suffered a fractured leg and there was urgency to get him down as quickly as possible.

“He was in a lot of pain and he looked rather pale. We were concerned he might be losing blood internally.”

A fire truck with a 105 foot tall ladder was positioned in the backyard and Captain Reed, along with Firefighter Eric Dyrlund, climbed the ladder and used harnesses to save Bagnoli.

Firefighter J.C. Ward, who initially served as the acting captain at the scene, developed the rescue plan.

“He had injuries. We had to be pretty careful to his leg and hip, so basically it was tie him off to the tree itself to make sure he was secure. He didn’t have to worry about falling,” Ward said.

Reed and Dyrlund carefully brought Bagnoli down the ladder and he was transported to Aultman Hospital.

The rescue team acknowledged it was a bizarre and challenging rescue that lasted 30 minutes, but they added firefighters never truly know what to expect when they receive a call for help.

“On any given day, you never know what we’re going to be into,” Ward said.

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