November 30, 2023


TUSCALOOSA, Alabama — A woman slipped and impaled her leg on the fence of a friend’s apartment complex in Tuscaloosa Saturday during halftime of the Crimson Tide’s drubbing of the Florida Gators, a city fire marshal confirmed Thursday morning.

According to Outkick the Coverage, the Fox Sports football blog where the accident was first reported, the woman was locked out of her friend’s apartment complex and decided to climb its wrought iron fence to get inside.

The victim, whom the blog identified as University of Alabama alumna ‘Abby,’ apparently slipped and fell so hard onto the bars of the fence that one of them went straight through her leg.

According to the Fox report, the woman’s friends attended to her and propped her up on a barstool until paramedics arrived.

Gene Holcomb, Fire Marshal of the Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue Service, said Thursday that their agency was called to the apartment complex on 11th Street, only blocks behind Bryant-Denny Stadium, around 4:20 Saturday afternoon.

Holcomb said the responders cut away a portion of the fence and took the victim to DCH Regional Medical Center in Tuscaloosa, where the post was removed from her leg and the injury treated.

Holcomb would only speak to the fire department’s involvement after the accident occurred and didn’t comment on the victim’s identity, motive for climbing the fence or her current condition, but according to the post on OKTC, she’s doing fine now.

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