September 30, 2023

Man Rescued from Cell Phone Tower in St. Louis



ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — A most dramatic scene overnight in Mehlville, as a base jumper’s parachute tangled with a radio-and-T.V. tower in South St. Louis County, leaving him dangling for hours.

Neighbors applauded as the man touched ground after almost two-and-a-half hours stuck 125 feet in the air, his chute and lines jumbled up in a wire from the tower.

“He leaped from the tower, and then when he deployed his chute when he was coming down, obviously he couldn’t see the guide wire, and went into it,” says Mehlville Fire Chief Brian Hendricks. “He was pretty stuck.”

Stuck, until he was given a harness and slashed his own parachute lines.

The man was lowered to the ground and appeared to be uninjured, though was taken away in an ambulance.

We’ll find out today what charges – if any – the parachutist faces.

His identity has not been released.

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