Dive Rescue in Evergreen, Colo


EVERGREEN, Colo. – A volunteer from the Evergreen Kiwanis club was airlifted to the hospital after he and the vehicle he was driving fell through the ice in the middle of Evergreen Lake Thursday morning.

A two-man crew took the ATV-style utility vehicle on Evergreen Lake to plow a path on the lake for the 5th annual Evergreen Ice Golf Tournament on Sunday.

The Evergreen Park and Recreation District said the vehicle is an RTV. It’s a utility ATV made by Kubota Tractor Corporation. It had a plow attached to it that is used to groom the ice.

One volunteer stepped off the RTV to do some measuring and he said when he turned back, the RTV was sinking, according to Evergreen Fire Rescue.

He called 911, as did someone who was driving by.

Evergreen Fire Rescue arrived within five minutes and they called in the West Metro dive team. The West Metro dive team rescued the man but he had been in the water for 30-35 minutes before he was pulled out.

The victim was airlifted to St. Anthony’s Central Hospital. His condition and name have not been released.

Sunday’s event has been canceled. The Ice Rink has been closed for the day.

The accident happened near the middle of Evergreen Lake, close to the channel for Bear Creek. It happened in between the east end of the lake, where fisherman ice fish, and the west end, where families ice skate and play hockey.

Authorities are not yet sure why the ice cracked here. They said officials do check the ice thickness in the skating area.

Evergreen Lake provides drinking water for the Evergreen Metro District. The intake valve has been shut off while crews determine if any fuels or fluids leaked from the cart.

Evergreen Lake is next to Highway 74 and Upper Bear Creek Road.

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