September 26, 2023

Multiple Ground Ladder Rescues in Charleston, W. Va



CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) — Charleston Fire Investigators say it appears a fatal fire at an apartment above a Charleston pharmacy was an accident.

The fire was reported about 9 p.m. Saturday above Trivillian’s Pharmacy on 35th Street in Kanawha City.

Firefighters say the fire is still under investigation, but right now it appears accidental. At the scene Saturday, firefighters told WSAZ the fire started in the kitchen.

When crews arrived on scene, flames were shooting out of a second floor window. Firefighters worked through the heavy smoke to rescue three people from the building, but one man did not survive.

Firefighters contained the fire to the apartment where the man died. His name has not been released yet.

Don Gay, who lived in the building, describes the victim as a friendly man who was well liked throughout the building.

“It’s sad because, he used to work at the Union Mission and he was a christian,” said Gay.

This is the same pharmacy that federal investigators raided last year. The owner of Trivillian’s and the pharmacy were later charged.

Investigators say a civil settlement has been reached in that case.


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