November 28, 2023

Dramatic Footage of Rescues in Modesto, CA



Dramatic Footage:


Firefighters have released dramatic body camera video and 911 audio from a devastating Valentine’s Day apartment fire in Modesto.

At least 20 people were left homeless after the fire.

In the video, a woman can be seen dropping her dogs from her second-story window into a dumpster below, placed there by firefighters. The animals were unharmed.

The audio for the video is a 911 call from a mother and daughter trapped inside. Both were rescued.

Two firefighters involved in the rescue, Jesse Miguel and Jason Wyatt, will be honored at a Modesto City Council meeting Tuesday, March 3.

Witnesses at the scene told FOX40 that neighbors had jumped from their windows to escape the flames. Some were injured, but no deaths were reported.

Investigators estimate $500,000 in damage was caused by the fire. It was still unclear what caused the fire to break out.

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