Rescue in San Francisco, CA


A family of five was sent to the hospital following a raging fire in San Francisco’s Mission District Wednesday morning. The family lived above a liquor store which they owned. Inside that store, firefighters discovered two more people living there.

The mother and one of the children are recovering from smoke inhalation injuries at St. Francis Hospital. The father and two of the kids were unconscious and are being treated at San Francisco General Hospital. The youngest victim, a 6-year-old boy, was one of the unconscious victims.

“The youngest one actually regained consciousness, so we are really happy about that,” said SFFD Lt. Mindy Talmadge.

Firefighters acted quickly to rescue the family members from different parts of the building. Neighbors are describing firefighters’ rescue efforts as truly heroic.

“They were able to rescue two of the boys out the front window where the ladder is behind me, the young girl down the stairs, the entrance way and they brought the mom and dad out of the back way,” said San Francisco Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White.

While they were doing that, they discovered two more people sleeping inside the liquor store on 24th and Treat Avenue. Firefighters had to cut through two padlocks to rescue them.

“We discovered multiple beds and makeshift beds in there but there were two people who were padlocked into a room,” said Lt. Talmadge.

They were not injured and ran from the location.

In October 2014, a complaint was filed for using that commercial space for residential purposes. The Department of Building Inspection tried to enter the premises three times and were denied access.

The father’s name is Mohamed Muckbil Shaibi. He and his family have lived and worked in the neighborhood for years.

“It’s sad because it’s a next door neighbor and we shopped there all the time,” said neighbor Jim Meek.

All five family members remain in the hospital.

“They got burned badly. I feel bad because he was here with his kids together, I know,” said family friend Yasser Hussein.

Almost everything they owned was destroyed. At this point, crews say most of the damage was to the front living area of the apartment.

Though the fire is under investigation, officials say that at this point nothing looks suspicious.

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