November 30, 2023

Don’t Give Up! “It’s Worth the Risk”


What would the public want? Is it about the citizens we serve? How many firefighters actually die performing interior operations at house fires? Did they die because they shouldn’t have been inside or because they failed to flow water? We need your help to document firefighter rescues from North America. Firefighter injuries and deaths are documented, but the rescue of civilians is not. What is our mission? When did we start becoming first? When did the citizens of America start becoming 2nd Class citizens in the eyes of the FIRE SERVICE? Can you please post under comments if you know of a fire department that changed their SOGs to First Water or all water applied from the exterior? When did we start looking for reasons to stay outside and not reasons to be inside? Firefighters are pulling civilians from burning structures daily. Firefighters are not dying daily inside structures.

It is TIME to Stand Up and Own our Tradition of being Smart and progressing without putting civilians to the curb.

We need more fire departments to understand VES, proper search tactics in residential buildings, and how to FLOW AS YOU GO.

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How did Seal Team Six  KILL Osama bin Laden?

Answer: Operation Neptune Spear  On May 2, 2011 Special Forces performed a raid in Abbottabad, Pakistan. They didn’t drop a bomb or launch a rocket from the EXTERIOR. They built a training Tower/facility on American Soil and trained extensively.  They prepared to enter a house and search for a known person.

So we the Fire Service should spend more time designing and building drill towers that replicate the house in our communities. We should be preparing for the ATTACK on a One or Two Story private dwelling. Why do most city and county drill towers replicate everything put a one or two story house? We need to get BACK TO THE BASICS!! There was a push in the 90s to do this and we did for a short time. It seems now the push is to make the fire service so SAFE that we will not be able to perform when its completely necessary and there is no other option. We must train and get as much experience as possible. We get this experience each time we aggressively engage. If we HIT IT HARD FROM THE YARD at all FIRES, what will happen when there is no yard or the only option is to make a PUSH down a dark hallway. Will the fire service have the experience?  Some said it wouldn’t happen, but it has. Fire Departments are jumping off the bridge and going EXTERIOR overnight. Where’s the balance? Is it ok that some  Fire Departments   are arriving with proper staffing and stretching attack lines around to the Charlie side for a one room fire? When did 30 years of success stop counting? Yes, Firefighters have died performing interior attack in the last 30 years, but the majority could have been prevented  through better training and preparation. How many FDs train on making the push while flowing? How many really put a priority on FIREGROUND TACTICS? TACTICS PUT OUT FIRES!!! You can only get so much off the internet. Stand Up, Get Outside and do some Hands On Training.

The Drill Tower
Seal Team Six Training Facility

Table Model of Bin Laden raid

The House
The House
Midway Fire Protection District Residential Drill Tower
Midway Fire Protection District                  Residential Drill Tower

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