Water Rescue in Eagle, Idaho

The swift change in the weather Wednesday night made for a dangerous evening on the Boise River for a group of floaters.

Crews were called to the Boise River south of State St. on Linder after a report of a woman trapped on a kayak.

She and two juveniles were floating the river and got stuck in an unfamiliar situation. The juveniles were able to get out of the water and walk to a nearby home.

Water rescue teams were able to find the woman by pinging her cell phone.

The storm that blew through certainly didn’t help.

“You know all of the sudden when we got dispatched out the weather was fine and then it changed. In the matter of 15 minutes we were in a downpour,” said Battalion Chief Rob Shoplock from the Eagle Fire Department.

It took crews about a half hour to wrap up the rescue. Everybody wound up safe and sound.


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