Man Rescued from Grain Bin in Augusta, WI


AUGUSTA (WQOW) — Emergency responders worked as a team, racing against the clock, at a farm just outside of Augusta to save a man stuck in a grain bin.  It happened around three o’clock this afternoon.  Three area fire departments rushed to help.  Fire officials say they emptied the grain bin at the farm along County Road R, and the man was able to walk out on his own. He was taken to the hospital, but is expected to be okay.

“Anytime you enter a confined space, especially with a grain or any commodity type, it creates a funnel and a suction,” said Zach Buttke, a firefighter of the Augusta Bridge Creek Fire Department. “It essentially pulls your body down and can lead to being trapped, in which this was the case today.”

The August Bridge Creek fire chief says the farmer was buried to his chin, and his legs were straight as if he was standing up. He may have sunk beneath the corn if firefighters hadn’t worked as quickly as they did. Rescue crews used a rope to pull him to safety.

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