May 30, 2023

Woman Rescued from Between Two Buildings


santa ana

They know how she got there, but they’re not sure why.

An Orange County, Calif., woman was rescued by firefighters after getting stuck between buildings in Santa Ana on Monday night. Officials told KTLA that the 28-year-old woman, who was not identified, had been jumping between a vacant supermarket and a strip mall, and had fallen into a 18-inch wide gap between the buildings.

She initially got stuck about 5 feet off the ground, but managed to shimmy down, the station reported. She was unable to escape due to columns blocking her way.

The Orange County Fire Authority’s Urban Search and Rescue team Capt. Steve Concialdi told the L.A. Times that 30 firefighters participated in the rescue operation, in which the woman was put in a harness and lifted out.

It is unclear why she had been jumping between buildings in the first place. She was trapped for about an hour and a half and was treated for minor injuries including cuts and bruises.

In January, a Portland, Ore., woman who had been walking on a roof fell between two buildings and had to be rescued by firefighters.


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