May 30, 2023

A woman is in critical condition after being rescued from her burning home in Lexington Friday afternoon.

Firefighters tell LEX 18 that they were lucky to find the woman alive in her home.

Lexington Firefighters say they were called to the home on Savoy Road around 2:45 p.m. to find smoke and fire billowing from the home.

A neighbor tells LEX 18’s Hanna Mordoh that they saw a fire coming from the home and called 911, afraid that the woman was stuck inside.

After arriving on scene, Firefighters say that they were able to reach the woman within a minute of showing but, but say that she was unable to move herself, so the rescue was difficult.


Once the woman was safe, the crew began on the fire, but at that point the flames had consumed most of the home.

Firefighters say the home is not destroyed, but does have significant damage.

Investigators are now trying to figure out the cause of the fire.

Stay with LEX 18 for the latest.

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