May 30, 2023


A Wichita man suffered life-threatening injuries in an apartment fire Tuesday morning.

Crews were called to the apartment in the 900 block of N. Market at around 8:30.

They found a man believed to be in his 50’s with potentially critical injuries.  He did not suffer any burns but did suffer severe smoke inhalation. Firefighters said the man was not breathing when they first found him in his bed.

“We got him stabilized before we put him in the back of the EMS unit, got him breathing,” said Battalion Chief John Turner for the Wichita Fire Department. “So it’s tough to tell right now but the injuries are very critical.

Neighboring residents were evacuated temporarily while crews checked the upper level apartments for smoke damage. One resident, Allen Robinson, said even though firefighters responded quickly, it was scary seeing them pull the victim from his apartment.

“I saw the fire truck pull up as I was coming out the door and I saw them pull the guy out and he seemed unconscious,” said Robinson. “They went immediately to getting him back to breathing. You kind of panic, but then you remember to get out of the building first of all and make sure everybody is all right in the apartment.”

The fire was confined to a chair in the living room of the home. A fire investigator said the fire was a result of careless smoking. Damage to the apartment was minimal. No other injuries were reported.

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