May 30, 2023

Man Rescued from Cell Phone Tower in Charlotte, NC



Raw Footage:

Charlotte firefighters rescued a cell phone tower worker dangling from the structure after having some type of medical emergency on the east side of the city.

The high-angle rescue happened at a tower on Shamrock Drive, a few blocks from the Charlotte Museum of History. It took about 45 minutes to pull the worker up.

Video from television news cameras showed a pair of firefighters trying to help pull the worker up. The worker was suspended only by his harness for nearly 45 minutes.

“We don’t know the extent of his injuries except that he was incapable of getting himself down,” Charlotte Fire Department Spokesman Mark Basnight told WSOC-TV.

The condition of the injured worker and other details weren’t immediately available on Thursday evening.

The worker appeared to be standing, moving his hands and feet, and later trying to get into another harness provided by the fire department.

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