May 30, 2023

Man Rescued from Structural Collapse in Prince George’s County



At about 1:30 pm, Monday, May 5, 2014 Prince George’s County Firefighter/Medics and Technical Rescue Team responded to the 5000 block of Cumberland Street in Capitol Heights for a roof collapse with a worker injured and trapped.  Upon arrival firefighters found a 1-1/2 story single family home with contractors installing an entire new roof assembly with addition.  For whatever reasons the entire new roof assembly unexpectedly shifted and partially collapsed trapping one of the contractors. The structure has appropriate work permits, both County and City, attached to the front window of the house.


First arriving firefighters were able to remove all the debris covering the injured adult male and started to asses and treat his injuries. The patient appears to have suffered a temporary loss of consciousness among other injuries. Medics ascended the ladder to the roof and initiated pre-hospital treatment of the patient before allowing him to be moved.


The Tech Rescue Team arrived and worked with the Incident Commander and Firefighter/Medics in establishing a plan for packaging the patient and removing him from the roof. The patient was placed on to a backboard and secured into a stokes basket. Ropes were used to lower the patient down a ladder to the ground where paramedics continued to treat the patient.


He was transported to a trauma center with head and internal injuries in serious condition, however, non-life threatening.  The efficient rescue required about 30 minutes.


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