November 30, 2023

A Northern California woman was rescued and rushed to the hospital after being trapped for more than 17 hours when her car crashed in a remote area.

The 28-year-old woman’s car plunged off a ravine Monday afternoon on Mount Hamilton Road in Santa Clara County and no one could find her, even though her OnStar service sent two alerts. But finally, a quick thinking officer found a solution.

The woman was airlifted to Regional Medical Center in San Jose. She’s in stable condition getting X-rays and other tests.

A Coast Guard helicopter transported her to the hospital and doctors wheeled her into the emergency room.

The woman was found 500 feet down a ravine on Mt. Hamilton. The California Highway Patrol says the car went down the embankment Monday sometime around 2 p.m. They were alerted by OnStar, but were given the wrong location and spent hours searching the wrong area.

The woman’s family then reported her missing.

Officers went to her house and found a locked iPad.

They were able to crack the password and then used the “Find My Phone” feature, which led them to a hidden location in a ravine off Mt. Hamilton.

The sheriff’s department was called and the woman was rescued Tuesday morning.

“They had contingency plans developed,” San Jose fire Capt. Brad McGibben said. “The first plan was to have her hoisted out of the ravine with the Coast Guard helicopter and transported to Regional Medical Center.”

Her name has not been released but authorities say she’s a 28-year-old woman from Campbell. She remains in stable condition with injuries to her abdomen.

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