Rope Rescue in Milwaukee (Delayed Post)

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MILWAUKEE —Workers stuck on a platform 200 feet above ground at the Valley Power Plant on Canal Street were rescued Monday night.

The Heavy Urban Rescue Team of the Milwaukee Fire Department was called to assist in bringing the contractors down from a platform attached to the west emissions stack at the plant.

One worker, trapped in an elevator, was rescued first.  Four others were brought down throughout the night using ladders and harnesses.

We Energies spokeswoman Cathy Schulze said the contractors were doing emissions tests on the stacks.

Although temperatures were below freezing at the time, We Energies said the men were well-protected.

“They were dressed appropriately because they were working outside, so it’s not like they were out there in short sleeve shirts or anything,” Schulze said. “That being said, obviously, it is pretty cold out. The individuals who are on that outer platform, they do have the benefit of having the heat generated from the power plant itself.”

The Milwaukee Fire Department said the contractors were not injured, but had been stuck outside since 5 p.m.

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