September 26, 2023


CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Charleston firefighters save two people in an early morning Charleston fire is ruled as arson.

“When they got on scene, the front of the house was pretty much involved with fire and they also got a report that two people were entrapped,” said Assistant Chief Time Roe with Charleston Fire Department.

Charleston firefighters responded to the home on Delaware Ave. about 4 a.m. Sunday. Crews were quick to knock down enough flames to rescue a man and a woman trapped in an upstairs apartment.

“They were semi-alert and conscious. The first one they had to carry out. He actually went down so the rescue company had to carry him out. The second victim they were able to kind of lead out,” said Roe.

The fire happened very close to Adrian Wright with Dem 2 Brothers and a Grill.

“Hopefully it was just an accident, the building caught on fire. I hope nobody set it on fire,” said Wright.

However, investigators do believe someone did start the fire, which almost killed two people who are now recovering. Charleston police said they do have a person of interest, but so far no arrests have been made.

The damage of Sunday’s tragedy is obvious, but this fire wasn’t the only tragedy of the week.

“They found her in there dead on Friday,” said Wright.

Police said a woman renting a downstairs apartment was found dead just days before the fire.

The owner was on scene Sunday  to change the apartment locks and she was clueless about the fire. The owner and many people in the area said it’s a weird series of events to make one question someone’s intentions.

“Here it is Christmas just passed. The first of the year is coming and  you come to find one of your love ones dead, it’s crazy man. God bless the family,” said Wright.

No arrests have been made yet. Anyone with information is asked to call police.


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