Rescues from Phoenix Apartment Fire (Delayed Post)


PHOENIX — Phoenix firefighters rescued two people who were trapped inside a burning apartment building in Phoenix Sunday morning.

“We were able to put the fire out a little bit, go in and rescue the victims, and pull them out,” said Capt. Adam Garday with the Phoenix Fire Department.

Crews got a call around 3:30 a.m. Sunday of an apartment fire near 35th Avenue and Greenway Road.

“When we’re responding to a fire, we’re always thinking that somebody is possibly trapped inside, especially with apartment complexes or houses where people are living,” Garday said. “Our first priority is life safety, so we’re going in there; we’re risking our lives to save these people’s lives.”

Garday said their unit was not on fire, but they were trapped by flames outside their front door.

After the two people were rescued, they were given some medical treatment at the scene. They are expected to be OK.

“We’re here to save people’s lives and fight fire and do anything we can to help anybody out,” Garday said.

Fire investigators are trying to piece together how the fire started.

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