November 30, 2023

Teen Rescue from Mud After Being Stuck for 5 Hours


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It was touch-and-go situation for a 16-year-old boy from Washington State on Monday night after he spent five hours stuck in a bog.

The unidentified teenager was at a skate park in Puyallup when he decided to wander into a restricted section of woodland around 1pm with a friend.

On attempting to cross a shallow stream he ended up sinking thigh-high into muddy ground

Explaining the situation, Central Pierce Fire and Rescue spokesman Ed Hrivnak told Kiro TV: ‘He was trying to cross, and looking from above, you’d look like you’d sink to your foot.

‘But it was very deceiving, and when he stepped he sunk all the way to his thigh.’

Knowing they were in an area they shouldn’t be, the teen’s friend resisted calling for help.

He spent several hours attempting the rescue mission himself but eventually ended up walking to a local fire department for assistance.

Crews managed to free the trapped boy around 6pm.

They used ladders to stabilize the area around him and used air and water pressure to free his legs

The emotional rescue was caught on camera.

Footage shows the boy being pulled from the mud in the dark and giving a firefighter a big hug as he wobbles on two legs.

According to authorities the boy was cold and muddy but otherwise uninjured.

After getting the all clear from paramedics he was taken home by his mother.

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