September 30, 2023

Off Duty Nashville Firefighter Rescues Woman



NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – An off-duty firefighter rescued a woman from a three-alarm fire after he saw smoke billowing into the air while on a motorcycle ride.

According to the Nashville Fire Department’s Twitter account, Chris Schrum rescued the woman from a unit at the Trails Apartment complex in an area where the fire was reportedly the worst.

The fire broke out at the complex located in the 300 block of Trails Circle, just off Bell Road, around noon.

Firefighters rescue pets
Firefighters were able to rescue Tim Watt’s ferrets from the blaze. He and his pregnant wife lost all of their other belongings in the fire.

Firefighters were able to contain the massive fire, which could be seen miles away, to one building.

Authorities on the scene said one resident was transported to TriStar Summit Medical Center for possible smoke inhalation.

A total of 16 units were affected by the fire. It is unclear how many residents lived in those units.

“Whenever we have a fire like this, our main concern of course is for the people, so we wanted to make sure we had everyone out,” Nashville Fire Department spokesman Brian Haas said.

News 2 spoke with fire victim Tim Watts who lost his home. He said he was at a doctor’s appointment with his wife, who is 39 weeks pregnant, when the fire broke out.

“Everything I own is gone now, so that’s a little bit frightening when [we have] a baby coming this week,” he said.

Firefighters were able to rescue the family’s pet ferrets, but their unit was completely destroyed. A GoFundMe was set up to help the Watts family in their time of need. Click here to donate.

Several other pets in the building were also rescued. Two dogs were killed.

Crews remained on the scene for several hours keeping a close watch for any hot spots.

Heat was a concern for the firefighters battling the fire as temperatures were just over 90 degrees at the time.

One firefighter was “overcome” by heat, authorities on the scene said.

The fireman is expected to be fine.

“It’s brutally out out here,” ____ said. “Our firefighters wear heavy, heavy gear and safety is always a concern.”

The Nashville Fire Department said the fire was likely caused by an electrical malfunction outside.

The American Red Cross is assisting with the displaced families.

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